hi. my name is mindi, and i'm a "HILLS" addict.

the hills, season 4: i can't stay away.

AND, i can't really say it any better than i*heart*you, so, (and i quote, with just a teensy bit of filtering):

"Here is what I get from the trailer:
Lo is a beeyotch
Stephanie is a shady beeyotch
Whitney goes East Coast
Lauren seems to be trying to patch up her friendship with Audrina
Audrina still looks like she is always
looking up
Heidi's sis gets hated on by Spencer
Brody is still a d-bag

Lots of random guys
Lauren still sporting
cute braids
August 18th people....can you feel the excitement"

check- check- check check it out HERE
P.S. just watched "sytycd" and i am shocked, SHOCKED that will is gone....what the? i thought he and katee were going to the final two, though i heart mark and i root LOTS for chelsie being out little mormon girl. i am waaaayyy too involved in this. i think it's only gonna end in tears.


Trina said...

I find myself watching this and ask myself WHY every time. It's the same with Rock Of Love and Denise Richards; It's Complicated (I think I'm just addicted to stellar crappy TV).

Vanessa said...

I was crushed! Why Will, America??? I just can't get over it. I'm holding out for Chelsie. (Down with Mary Murphy, she just gets more and more annoying!)

rachel said...

It is a conspiracy..."the man" knows how to keep us at home and out of the big important stuff of the world like politics and what not...Throw us some reality TeeVee drama and action and we are hooked :) I know I can't stop watching!

Krista said...

I love the mascara running down the cheek. Can't wait to see more of Brody...i have a thing for d-bags, I guess....and you're not a fan of twitch?! mark should've gone home last night.

Jennie Minor said...

I can't wait for the hills to start again! LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

ok, so apparently i am missing out on yet another good show with the hills. i will make it a point to watch it.

i too, am shocked....

have a good weekend-

Tiburon said...


Guess I don't need to watch SYTYCD now.

recorded it on account of the fireworks.

Oh, and we should have a Hills premier party - I will be Heidi you can be Lauren.

What time should I be at your house?

Aranne and Dan said...

I just have to tell you that I just found your blog and I LOVE it... You are hilarious... anyways... I too am way too into SYTYCD and was shocked at will leaving us... I thought it would be he and katee till the end!! Now who do I vote for, besides our mormon hanging in there, chelsie!

Holly H. said...

My name is Holly, and I too am a Hills addict. The new season looks crazier and bitchier than evah! Can't wait!

MiaKatia said...

I cried when Will got sent home and my hubby had to kick my crying self out of the room. *sniff* Willlllll

Adam and Kristina said...

Two words: Justin Bobby. Can't wait for the completely unscripted, realistic show to start. I have my DVR ready to go. Go Team Audrina!

ashlynn said...

I get mad at myself for watching ... I need to stop.

I always thought Audrina had a weird something going on ... the looking up thing is right on!!!

Josh, Lindsie, and Ava said...

The black tears really speak to me. It makes this show so much more real. Oh....my...heart....is...breaking.

I Heart The Hills TOO!!!

Suka and Brittany said...

Hey, I'm a long-time friend of Jennie now-Minor (who I know as "Focker"). I love her and she loves you and we are a happy fam-a-ly... sorry that last part just came out. Anyway, i've been checking out your blog for only about a week and I adore you! in just this week i have laughed, cried, and gotten ready for the TV season... what could be better? just wanted to say hi and thanks for your thoughts!

Melissa said...

I thought I might have to go into mourning for a couple of weeks...I wanted him to win the whole thing!! Poor Will...I will miss you!

Omgirl said...

OH my gosh! You just ruined my life! I hadn't watched the elimination episode yet (DVR) and Will is my FAV! I had him pegged as the winner. I used all 10 of my votes on him. WAAAAAHHHH!

devri said...

Not a fan, but drool away!!!

gina bina said...

Can't wait for The Hills!!!!!! You just got me so pumped.