just a few things:

1. a shameless plug for the jdrf walk to cure diabetes. my nephew, kayson, and tib's son, ethan both have juvenile diabetes. my dad has diabetes, as well as my other nephew, gregory. this is a very worthy cause if you have just a bit of cash you could spare to donate to these walkers--any little amount would help. there is NO cure for type 1 diabetes, so they are raising funds to find one.

clickity on KAYSON (grandpa, grandma, aunt megan, uncle ryan, ahem...and any other family members we can guilt into it) or ETHAN (all you bloggers out there who love tib, and there are a plenty) to dontate $$$.


2. my blogging bff vanessa is having a giveaway to celebrate over 8,500 hits on her blog--check out the free loot you can score by clickity-ing HERE

3. those crafty chicks over at over the tipsy top design are giving away this adorable summer front door pot hanging--you can enter by clickity-ing HERE


Amy said...

Yeah...you little shouter outer!

devri said...

Thanks I'll go now.

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the shout out!

tammy said...

You're supposed to keep the Tipsy Top giveaway a secret!! How I am gonna win if you tell everyone?

Diabetes sucks. My Dad has it too, and my friends little boy got it after a surgery.

Vanessa said...

PS, my blog hits doubled yesterday thanks to you. You are amazing.

Ida said...

cute stuff must win!