so we were holed up in our basement on our big red couch watching our 745th consecutive episode of "lost" and this part struck me as so funny and TRUE. TRUE, THAT.

what had happened is that sawyer (a con-man, cynical dude), & jin ( a man from korea who speaks no english, but is just starting to learn), are sitting in the jungle next to an old volkswagon vw van they had just found--it had a bunch of food in the back, but, even better for them, BEER.

the two of them are sitting there, drunk as skunks, and sawyer is teaching jin some english-- he says, "now, jin--these are the most important phrases in the english language, especially with you being a married man. repeat after me and NEVER forget them."

1. "I'M SORRY."



smart man. very smart.


Trina said...

Too true! My ideal phrase would be, "Oh, honey, I'll clean that up. After all, I made the mess."

omar said...

OK, well this is awkward, because I just said "truer words have never been spoken" when I commented on one of your other posts, before I even got to this one. Yet now it looks like I was copying.

Anyway, that last image, it's fantastic.

Christie said...

I loved that episode - back when Lost was still good.

And its so true!

Amy said...

Love it! Thanks goodness my man still lies!

rachel said...

oh what a wonderful world it would be ...except we also need "i love you" :)

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

devri said...

My husband being Tongan, does not know those phrases, maybe there is a class for those kinds of words?

Anonymous said...

How true that is!

Cole said...

Can someone teach this to my hubby? I'm pretty sure he's heard it before but apparently has a total disregard for rules or something.

Adam and Kristina said...

I love me some Jin. Thank goodness "Lost" got good again. Even if it sucked, I'd still watch it, frankly.

Misty said...

And the worst part is that men still have the roughest time remembering them!

Holly H. said...

Oh so true, and the worst part is even if they do say all of that, they still can't get it right! Us girls are hopeless... and I love it!

samiam said...

#1 Love it. #2 Love it. #3 And Love it!
Men why do they need so much training?

Michael said...

You just forgot to finish each one:
1. "I'm sorry you get bored staying home blogging all day".
2. "You were right, you really can get sick eating to many bon bons in one day".
3. " Those pants do not make you look fat, the bon bons do."

Shanz said...

LOL! I AM TOTALLY choking on my bon bons right now! I need Michael to comment o my blog!

It's kinda like that joke that goes something like:
Requirements for a happy woman:
Good Hair day
Got on scale, lost 5lb overnight
New shoes
Fabulous dinner
Clean house
yada, yada... the list goes on.

Requirements for a happy man:
Show up naked
Bring Beer

buddens said...

Hi, I'm a blurker and have been for about a month now. Breastfeeding all the time + laptop + boppy = lots o' blog stalking. I love that last image of man/woman ... far too true (especially for someone who just had a baby) The sad truth though is that the woman's "off" switch is probably closer to the man's "on." Sometimes it doesn't take much for a "headache" to start brewing.

buddens said...

Oh yeah, I'm at

Ida said...

haha love it!

Omgirl said...

Are you rewatching Lost or are you watching all those old episodes for the first time? I need to rewatch them all before the new season comes out. Season 1 and 2 were so good.