foot fetish?

when i saw u2 in concert with my besties 3 years ago, it was truly a life-changing moment--bono and company were everything i had hoped they would be, plus a little bit more. i was even able to overlook bono's political agenda because their concert was so freakin' good. plus he IS bono, after all....

i've always loved their video for "numb"--it's so random and i love that they have the edge enduring such atrocities as:

:50--fingers poking his face
:58--lots and lots of ear nibbling
1:09--spoon fed cereal
1:14--lots and lots 'o kid slapping
1:23--tank top cutting
1:36--rope twining around face
3:09--(my favorite part) FOOT FETISH ON FACE
3:44--man caress
3:50--belly dancing
4:00--photo shoot with fans

to see the edge at his finest, clickity HERE

if you also want to see one funnyfunnyFUNNY bono spoof, clickity HERE for ben stiller doing bono selling "lucky clovers cereal"


Tiburon said...

I cannot get on board with this one. I hate U2. Can't stand them. Would rather eat my own head than have to listen to them.

Is that a deal breaker?

Misty said...

Personally, I think U2 is a great band and I used to love them, but now they are so overrated and were played to DEATH for a long time that I can't even listen to them anymore.

Mindi said...

tib, i still love you even if you are taking some sort of medication that makes you immune to the power of bono and company--
i think we can work it out.

Anonymous said...

3:09--(my NOT SO favorite part) FOOT FETISH ON FACE = me gagging and having convulsions! G.R.O.S.S. is all I gotta say!

Ginnie said...

I went to that concert 3 years ago too, except in Philly. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. I was in the front row Bono was so close that he sweated on me, I haven't washed that drop of sweat off yet. I had my fingers and toes crossed that I would be the girl he would call up for mysterious ways... no such luck. It's really too bad. I had my whole dance planned out and everything complete with pelvic thrust and all. Bono's loss.