what i want for mothers day

{my mom, 1962}

so i've officially turned into my mother.

every year, when the MOTHER of all days was approaching, we would ask mom what gifts she wanted us to bestow upon her.

i always wanted to hear something like, "a new puppy." or "a fanFREAKINGtastic paperweight that you crafted with your own hands in 3rd grade art."

but without fail, every year, my mother would answer, "a whole day of you girls treating each other nice and getting along."

we would groan and moan and say, "NO, MOM!! SOMETHING WE CAN BUY!" because really, down deep in our little pre-pubescent hearts, we knew that achieving that level of sisterly-zen was WAY TOO MUCH WORK. it was easier to buy a box of chocolate-covered cherries in the heart-shaped box that said, 'world's best mother' on it.

but now i find myself longing, nay, BEGGING my girls for the same mother's day present: peace and love. perhaps even a little donny osmond thrown in for good measure.

why is it that nothing can compare to the joy of your children NOT fighting?

so, i wish all of you mothers out there serenity and happy little/medium/big people. AND a fanFREAKINGtastic personalized potholder made out of braided plastic grocery sacks.


SO said...

That is something that I would like as well...and then if they can't give it to me then I want my husband to then be the one who takes care of whatever issues arise.

Shawn said...

I only have one left at home, so there is no bickering---just not a lot of listening and doing!

Tiffany said...

I wish the same to you! Happy Mother's Day!

MiaKatia said...

That is a beautiful Mother's Day wish, one I would love. I hope you have a fanFREAKIGtastic day and a braided grocery store bag potholder thing.

Anonymous said...

Lol, the only way that's going to happen is if Ryan goes and takes the boys with him!

A girl can beg right?

Happy Mother's Day Mindi!

Kami said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Mind!

I love that lovely pic of your mother.

tiburon said...

Hope you have a super fantastic madre day.

You deserve it :)

See you TUESDAY for ΚΞΛΝΞ!!!!!!!!

Renee said...

What a beautiful mom and right back at you! Do you think any of us moms will ever get the gift of peace, love and harmony for a day?

Omgirl said...

You can make potholders out of braided grocery sacks?!? Why didn't someone tell me!?