dj hero

yes, i am perfectly aware that a chick who is pushin' 40 should NOT be attracted to dj hero--

but where is the fun in following all the rules?

(has anybody tried it yet?)


My25Cents said...

Fo' shizzle!! How in the SAM Heezie did I miss this coming out? When I get this hooked up you are officially invited to the "East Siiiide" out here in DC to show me ur mad DJ skillz.

Tiffany said...

Yesterday I could hear my little Max playing by himself in his room, singing, "My name is what? My name is who? My name is whatever!"

I wish you DJ Hero for Christmas. You've been VERY good this year!

tiburon said...

I haven't tried it - BUT I WANNA!!!!

Omgirl said...

Wow, for real??? awesome.

omar said...

DJ Hero is one of only two things on my Christmas list. I WANT.