happy thanksgiving

My belt is already unbuckled

I dare you to try and carve my turkey

I'm thankful for a holiday that doesn't require atonement or starvation

i realized yesterday that i've never, ever cooked an entire thanksgiving meal. somebody else is always around to do the hard part. which is how i prefer it.

i AM making a mean batch of mashed potatoes, though--with about 50 cubes of butter :)

i hope that you & yours have a wonderful turkey day together--NOT like jimmy & blake's:


Vanessa said...

I had a really great pre-Thanksgiving lunch at Pasta Factory that was TO DIE FOR. I don't even need to have Thanksgiving now because my life is complete.

On the way back to PV, I picked up a nice BOLT in my tire and had to make a detour to Beryl Jct. to get it fixed. Is Russ really from Beryl? Or does he just claim Enterprise because he is just too embarrassed of Beryl?

MiaKatia said...

My belt is still unbuckled...