(we've all been at one time or another) CAUGHT IN A BAD ROMANCE

alrighty then!

i've never been a huge fan of lady gaga and all her weird/freakish baggage that she brings to the table, but the woman knows how to throw down THIS mean dance tune that makes you want to bust a move in your bathroom while alone in front of your vanity mirror whilst deciding which "drop it low" move is gonna be your money shot.....


anyway, i so dug this video for several reasons:

1. we get to see ga ga au-natural and she looks pretty freakin' good.

2. the creepy animal masks/futuristic chastity-belt combos were kept to a bare minimum. could lady ACTUALLY be going soft on us? awwwwwhhhh.

3. that spectacular dress/wig/boot combo displayed at 3:30. i smell christmas present for megan!

4. the stone cold foxy dance moves displayed. in order, starting at 2:47 -3:27, again at 4:11 and really getting into full swing 'round 'bout 4:33. i'm thinking i could have maybe, MAYBE even had a shot at being a backup dancer....if i could only get the 40 year old stink off of me!;)

5. the last 10 seconds that include sparks flying out of a brassier. classic!

now, i realize that nothing ga ga does is without controversy--this video DOES let it's freak flag fly just a tad bit--so be aware.

please to enjoy:


gina bina said...

Ok wow. NOT the best video to be watching when your boss comes in your office in the morning. Couldn't find that little x for the life.

tiburon said...

She is so bizarre. But my bootie does like to shake to her mad beats.

Vanessa said...

My kids asked me the other day what a disco stick was. I told them it was something you dance with. Thanks Lady GaGa.

Melinda said...

Is it weird that I watched this twice just to look at the shoes? Holy Hannah Montana how does she strut in those things?!?!?!
P.S. Thanks. Can't wait to add this to the podder.

Plain Jame said...

What the HELL was that?!

Oh well, I wiggled my bootay in my chair just now. rah rah ooh la laaa. ga ga oh laa laah.

Shawn said...

Loved the last scene---made me laugh---oooh, I guess that is sick of me, huh?

Also---she looks wicked skinny---kind of creepy.

Omgirl said...

aaalrighty then.