with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

i was pretty amazed by the talents of this video clip--i can't imagine the time & effort some dude in front of a computer for 20 hours a day put into this bad boy....

just glad to know that somebody else wastes a WHOLE BUNCH of time in front of a monitor. and that we all can benefit accordingly.

(btw: it does say "ass" more than i'd like. but still worth a shot--)

P.S. can you name all the movies/television shows showcased here? (i'm at 33. but i'm lacking seriously at 1:30ish to 1:50--is that the car?)


R-Eight said...

I loved this!

*KaTiE cLoVeR* said...


Anonymous said...


Considering the movie in question was in fact filmed just outside your FREAKIN FRON DOOR I think you should be ashamed. Yes, it is "The Car", Universal 1977