dear jakob,

you were ROBBED.

to quote clark w. griswold, "If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now."

the only people who held a candle to you in the final six were ellenore and kathryn. i didn't even cave to utah-pride pressure when it came to ashleigh & ryan --but mostly because i was annoyed that he wouldn't ever button his shirt. oh my FLIPPIN' HECK!

yes, i enjoyed russell doing a bit 'o krump. but i really never, never ever, NEVER EVER EVER thought he would win. and frankly, i am just a bit chapped about it.

you were so breathtaking, i even forgave you quite quickly for spelling your name with a "k". you were THAT good.

did america temporarily lose it's mind and forget about the brilliance of these routines?


Vanessa said...

I don't know if it was because the last season of SYTYCD ended two weeks before this one started, but I was pretty disinterested. And the fact that Jakob lost annoyed me even more. LAME.

buddens said...

Disheartening, I know! My faves were Kathryn and Jakob. I actually liked Russell, but didn't think he would win. What was weirdest to me was that I liked him more before he won and suddenly, his reaction weirded me out, especially calling whoever "son" was up to the stage before he would talk to Cat Deeley. Really? It was just weird. And I'd love to think that Jakob's career will still be catapulted from this season, but he still lost which means he's out a whole crapload of cash! I think he deserved it!

On a separate note, I have to say I liked more of the people from this cast than I did from last summer's. I think I'm the only one!

And you're so right - Jakob with a K? Kome on.

Tiffany said...

You're right--he deserved it. BOOOO!

I think it was spelling his name with a K that held him back in America's eyes.

Me and The Boys said...

TOTALLY AGREE! loved jakob!

tiburon said...


I was Team Russell ALL THE WAY!!!!