doesn't work well with others

while outside trying to help my man put up christmas lights this season, i came to one conclusion, and ONE CONCLUSION ONLY:

we don't work well with each other.

suffice to say, i don't think he'll be hiring me anytime soon.

(good thing we still want to hang out normally. or ab-normally. whichever.)


Tiffany said...

So funny and true! I remember my old neighbor telling us that he and his wife were returning from Home Depot with a new ceiling fan to install together. As they pulled in the driveway, he said to her, "You do realize, don't you, that we're going to get in a fight while we install this ceiling fan, right? We're both going to say and do things we'll regret. But I just want to say beforehand that I love you."

It's inevitable.

Sher said...

This is why we don't put lights up on our house. Yep, we're the only scrooges on the street!

tiburon said...

Christmas lights is not in my job description.

Step away from the Christmas lights.

M-Cat said...

Splenda and I have learned to just do our own projects and leave the other alone. Which is why I am goofing around on the computer right now and he is painting. I find this completely normal

Omgirl said...

At least yours helps. I do my entire house solo every year. WAH.

alex dumas said...

That was the ONLY conclusion?