game suggestions please?

we are trying to focus on spending quality time with the kiddies this holiday--russ & i find ourselves so easily distracted by everything and everyone, that we thought we would make a conscious effort to be "less so".

the girls love it when we play board games (or any game, for that matter) with them, and i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions? tips? tricks?

do tell.....


Suzie said...

We really like games here at our house with no money to really go anywhere :)

My new faves are:
What's Yours Like?
The Last Word
The Game of Things

we all play together-even the Emster.

(great goal, by the way)

p.s. way to take the plunge with the Clementine!

My25Cents said...

BLOCKUS! Love it, love it! Unfortunately, you can only do 4 people at a time though Mia might not like it....

Regan said...

Clue. I guess that might be a little too old for Mia, but you could be on teams. I also think that game of Life is a good one for a family. Little kids dig that game. Of course there's always good ones like Mouse Trap and Cranium (I think they have a Jr version) but they can be full of pieces, etc. I ultimately LOVE Pictionary, and they have a Junior one too. And also there's UNO and Jenga. Have fun!

Kristen said...

Our family favorites are Blokus, Sequence, Phase 10, and Apples to Apples.

Tiffany said...

Bananagrams is fun, even if you don't like bananas.

Angie said...

We like Ticket to Ride (which mia might even like, especially if she was on a "team") and Carcasonne. You probably would have to get these at a specialty store or online.

Other games we've loved:

Chicken feet (with dominoes)
UNO attack
Zooreaka (a cranium game)
In a pickle
Scene It

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Misty said...

We love a card game called "Sleeping Queens". It is the perfect game for 4 girls. Mia can play too!
I found it at Barnes and Noble (in my town of Idaho Falls).
It costs ten bucks- worth it!
My kids love it-

the mama hood said...

Speed Scrabble is fun!

Jill said...

First time commenting--long time blog stalker (really LOVE your blog).

There are two card games that are really fun (well I think they are fun, especially when I WIN--if I'm not winning, well, still good fun).

1) Five Crowns

2) SET

At first, both games may not seem to be anything special, but once you get a few hands into Five Crowns, it gets really good. Also, SET can get very competitive, which in my book, equals loads of FUN!


heidi said...

my family is crazy about catch phrase. my brother and i have nonverbal cues down like no other. and it usually ends in a dog pile, but that's a good thing. and one of my SILs hates it, which is also a good thing. it's not the holidays without someone being annoyed.

tammy said...

I was thinking about getting The Office Clue.

We love Zigity. And I'm getting the boys The Simpsons Scene It. Pretty sure they'll be able to kick my butt on that one.

Kami said...

blokus... it's a fun one!

Harlene said...

We love "Would you Rather?" Great all ages game!

Loni said...

Games NOT to play with kids:
Trivial Pursuit

Good games to play with kids:
Monopoly Deal (about 15 minutes!)
A to Z Junior

Games for a party:
Perpetual Commotion
Killer Uno

Playing games together is even more fun than watching T.V.! Believe it!

Joseph and Katie said...

My sis Betsy loves to introduce this game to clean freak mothers and their well behaved children. ;)
Get a pole, broom or a stick for that matter. Put a couple of rolls of toilet paper on it. Have two responsible adults hold up the pole at each end (horizontal) and let the kids pull that T. P. until it is gone! The one to un-roll the "roll" wins! The messier your family room is the better! Of course the loser has to clean it up. (Or the clean freak mom, which ever starts first.) Have fun!

Omgirl said...

SNORTA. It's a great game for kids and adults. It involves tiny animal figurines that go in tiny barns and the shouting out of animal noises. What could be more fun??

tiburon said...

We love Apples to Apples.

It is a goodie.