hb tiburon!

hb to my little tiburon!!

i love all sides of this gal-- including boy-toy tib:

car-washin' tib:

tibney spears:

vamp-loving tib:

democrat tib: (oh, YES. i did!)

naughty nurse tib:

and tiburonald mcdonald:

but my favorite will always be high-school tib:

love your guts! live it up today~


tiburon said...

Well if that didn't just make my whole freaking day!!

Who knew I had such a freak awesome bod?!

Thanks my love :)

TOTALLY makes up for the slacker thing ;)

Vanessa said...

Tib as Oprah! Totally hilarious!

alex dumas said...

With that second picture, don't you mean anorexic Tib? Yuck. Tibby, don't ever get that skinny.

Brittany said...

oh my that made my day!!

Kami said...

Tiburonald McDonald is my favorite. Love the whole post...can't wait for my birthday. ;)

HBD Tib!

Plain Jame said...

You were there in spirit today. We talked about the finer things in life like... funny websites, sex, and food.

tammy said...

Am I wrong or does Vamp-lover Tib look a little like Jennifer Aniston?

MiaKatia said...

I love it!!! Happy Birthday Tib :)