do you ever just feel like this?

i do. today.

so i'll catch my breath. but AHHHHHLLLL BE BAAAHHHHHCCCK on wednesday--

i'm planning on having lots of joy & star quality. somewhere in this vein:

(i just hope the world will continue revolving. let me know if it doesn't~)


Shawn said...

Wow! This is what I feel about two or three days a week! But I am loving the sweater----green is my favorite color----but hey, wait....its not green....hmmmmm.

Now you see what I mean.

Brittany said...

kay so... this is random, but everytime you say/write "Mahhhhh-tin," it sounds so familiar in my head! I just kept thinking and thinking about who in my life says "Mahhhhh-tin." I don't know a Martin; I don't know why that would sound like a regular, familiar noise ... and then it hit me like a ton of bricks- have you seen Sneakers with Robert Redford and crew?!?!?! The "Mahhhhh-tin" i keep hearing in my head is Ben Kingsley's bad guy saying that slowly and distinctly a few different times in that movie to Redford's character, Martin. the end.

Tiffany said...

I can barely handle this post. That picture is worth ten thousand words, and that little boy makes me realize what I've always suspected--my kids are total losers.

Enjoy a day off!

Kami said...

I'm feel sad when Mindi feels blue and claustrophobic in a mauve sweater.

Awww, SUCK IT UP...waaa, waaa. We need you, the internets needs you.

Vanessa said...

That pic freaks me out.

Lainey-Paney said...

I gotta tell ya---the pic of hubby & the car after hitting the plumber's truck. That was LOL funny. I made my Hubby come & look. We both just laughed saying that was something that would totally happen to us!
Glad we're not alone!!!!