thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

** the chance we had to see fantastic mr. fox this last week--oh my CUSS! (if you've seen the movie, you'll appreciate that) i want to state for the record that this is my new, all-time- favorite animated movie--it was different and quirky and smartly written and chuck full of inside jokes that made me laugh out loud. LOUDLY.

i knew that it had the voices of george clooney and meryl streep, but i had no idea that wes anderson directed--it was definitely in the style of 'the royal tenenbaums', so if you don't enjoy that type of humor? yeah, this one is not for you.

one of my favorite characters was the son, ash, voiced by jason schwartzman. his misfit, teen-angst was RIGHT on.

**this beloved birthday prizey that kami & kyle sent down to russ--when was the last time you got an fantastic two foot golden, gleaming tribute to your awesomeness? all i know is that a little brass plate love goes a LONG way! xoxo...

kyle also sent me down some new tunes to listen to on the podder--as any music aficionado worth their salt knows, the way you show your love is by sharing your music. so i feel very warm & fuzzy. kyle rocks. (duh.)

** my megan, who helped me in my time of need with the organization of my laundry room. i hadn't cleaned it out completely since we'd moved into our house (6 1/2 years. yikes.) and i didn't know what a giant can of worms i was opening when i decided to organize "just one drawer". to quote (verbatim!) fantastic mr. fox, it was a "cluster cuss." it felt eerily similar to a scene straight outta hoarders. megan was my life-raft.

& last but not least, for people who need to update their facebook status. FROM THE ALTAR! :


tammy said...

I love the FB status update guy, and the guy marrying him.

And that Kami - awesome!

gina bina said...

Fantastic Mr. Fox was sooo good. And that RBC award? Cuss-tastic!

MiaKatia said...

That statue is sweet!

Kami said...

It really is a tribute to his awesomeness. I love that is being displayed for all to see. :)

Judi said...

I thnk you need to share some of that music love, cuz I am ALWAYS in need of good tunes!!