thankful thursday

short list this week, but i am nonetheless thankful for:

**this simply STUNNING idea that i am gonna use for our family christmas cards next year--i think i could really take it to the next level with this forward-thinking concept.

Cat lovers will reach owner-enlightenment with glasses featuring yin and yang images exploring feline duality. Corresponding cat wisdom in English and Chinese floats above each image, while the secret of true harmony: "The Tao of Cat is to do your thing and leave the kitty alone" runs along the side of each glass in English and Chinese.

The many sides of kitty include:

: "In catnip there is dignity"

:"Napping overcomes wrath"

Bad Cat/Good Cat
:"To obey is to resist"

Go Away/Love Me
:"To shun is to adore"

**these "tale of two kitties" glasses that i received in the mail from one of my favorite people in the world--they could not have arrived at a better time. they put a smile on my face and a little warmth in this cold old heart--i plan on using them for honored guests and esteemed colleagues. (i don't really have any colleagues. but it sounds good, doesn't it?)

**that our local concert choir has not taken on this number as of yet. (but you could BET that i would be there, front & center when they do!)


tiburon said...

I thought I SPECIFICALLY asked you not to post my Christmas card picture.