what i want for christmas: ITEM FOUR


"conceptual Dancepants Kinetic Music Player is a rather vanilla looking pair of exercise pants, but the internal energy makers generate juice only when the wearer is in motion. In other words, kinetic energy is used to power the connected MP3 player, and so long as you keep hustling, the tunes will keep flowing. Not like you'll really notice that Mambo #5 has stopped right in the middle of the bridge when you're laying on the ground nursing a wicked cramp, but hey..."

i've stated before that if i am exercising alone, i have to have music. if my i pod dies, then i am DONE--it doesn't matter if i just stepped onto the treadmill 2 minutes before, i am packing my shiz and outta there.

these little babies would be the key to my exercise dedication being taken up two notches.

PLUS, two thumbs up to the sadistic, sick and controlling soul who would have come up with this idea: wicked insane!