you need to get on over & enter my kami's sweetpea baby giveaway

"SweetPea Baby is giving away a Woobie (retail price is $53) and a Binkee Clip (retail price $8) - both pictured above.

The Woobie {Gumball Dot Raspberry Truffle in Dark Chocolate Sherpa} and the Binkee Clip {Pink Taffy Stripe} sound delicious, don't they?! The woobie really is delicious, it's so-so soft. These two items together would make a great Christmas/Baby gift!"

please comment on this post by 10pm, thursday, dec 10th to enter.

the winner will be announced on the evening of dec 10th.


Kami said...

C'mon down!

Thanks Mind!

MotherBeck said...

I just found out a few weeks ago Im having a girl so this would be awesome!!!

Callieflower said...

Everybody needs a woobie and a binky clip!