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2 years ago today i started word to your mother.

and your lives have been forever impacted, enriched, fortified, & uplifted.

{as a thanks for reading, look for a superfantastic anniversary giveaway next week--it will also be life-changing.}


Just SO said...

Happy Birthday WTYM!!! I have to say that this is honestly one of my absolutely favorite blogs. And I'm not just saying that in hopes of influencing my chances of winning the giveaway. Really I'm not.

tiburon said...

Happy Birthday! I for one have be uplifted and edified.

The impact is staggering.

Kami said...

sooo happy your birthed her... and your other four. mostly her, because otherwise I wouldn't know you.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to WTYM! Has it really been only two years? I feel like I've known you much, much longer! Thanks for the daily dose of Mindi. It's better than a multivitamin.