confession booth: SEIS "to do" list

confession booth: SEIS was a hit.

thanks for playing nice and following the rules. (mostly!)

565 confessions were sifted through to compile my new "to-do" list:

plan entire FHE around confession booth
order hcg. worship it.
scratch that, HATE it. with a passion.
order & eat a whole cafe rio salad for lunch.
try to figure out how to get the dh/hubs/hubby to bring rio home for dinner.......
order new rabbit toy.
have hot wild shark sex in my fur boots while listening to flo rida feat. t pain.
drink a warm libation.
take a photo of my plumber's crack for new facebook profile pic.
make sure to not use the "kissy face"whilst doing so.
buy a new slr camera.
start up my new photo business!
order a few greg olsen paintings.
offer to develop any old negatives my mother-in-law has lying around.
make a tammy/mindi sandwich.
invest in a string of pearls.
sext my hubby/dh/hubs.
get a sharpie. AND some dog beef jerky treats.
play bejeweled.
kiss my dog. then kiss my husband.
make a "sex" playlist.
be sure to include some enigma on that bad boy.
honk my car horn with my belly.
suggest an exotic dance class for RS enrichment night.
purchase bananas, nutella, and peanut butter.
tuck my apple-bottom jeans into my boots with the fur.
scratch that--DON'T.
have the hubby/dh/hubs bring home cafe rio.

{next confession booth? may 2010}


veronica said...

Thank you Mindi, for your gracious hosting of the Confession Booth.
It must be so difficult to read all those posts, especially the ones that didn't make the cut. It's a tough gig, but hey, you're a giver that way.

Loving this list. I knew there was a reason I hadn't made any 2010 Resolutions yet. I was just waiting for the right inspiration.

Tiffany said...

As always, so very helpful. So the next one is in May? Is this like a General Conference schedule?

tiburon said...

It really was a great booth. Mama likey.

Wish that I had time to put a confession in.

Maybe next time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Again Mindi-

I laughed out loud to myself on too many occasions to count reading all the confessions!
I agree with comment 1-
it must be hard for you to sift through all those comments- thanks again!

Camille Kemp said...

Curiously wondering, about how many did you get that didn't get mindi's tramp stamp of approval?

tammy said...

I think this may have been the best CB ever.

And I'm not just saying that because I may get to be in a Mindi sandwich.

tammy said...

So does this mean we need to try and come up with a bunch more stuff to confess by May?

Just SO said...

Must do something between now and May to confess in the booth.

Aimee said...

Wahoo!! One of my secrets made this post!!!! So cool!

Vanessa said...

It turned a drab and dreary weak into hot and sizzling.

Can't wait for May!

Omgirl said...

May is just too far away!

Jen said...

I think the dog jerky treat was my favorite...that is a REAL confession! Loved it all!

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