{excerpt from lemondrop}


"Ever randomly looked at the number of Facebook friends you have and noticed that you're missing a few? You get paranoid and wonder if somebody deleted their account, or if your old boyfriend finally dropped you after weeks without communication. In the past, you've had to be something of a Facebook detective to figure out who dropped you -- but no more, because now you can use defriended!

This new iPhone app by
i-Doodz won't shelter you from the sting of finding out that someone doesn't want to be friends anymore, a sting from which the loving arms of Facebook traditionally tried to protect you. Basically, Defriended runs a scan on your friends list each time you log in, and compares it to the last time you logged in. Any changes are noted and reported back to you immediately."

i would SO pay the 99 cents 10 times over for this app if i had an i phone. (kami? arianne?)

i would like to go on the record that anybody who says they WOULDN'T buy this is a big old lairliarpantsonfireswingingfromthetelephonewire.

i would also like to go on the record that the people who thought of this are MAD GENIUS.


Tiffany said...

Wow. Now that's an app!

Kami said...

I want it! I need it!

alex dumas said...

No, I really don't care. The ones I would care about deleting me as a friend, I would notice if they were gone. The others, eh.

Just SO said...

Ha! What's funny is just last week I went to leave a message for an old college friend and nuthin'. He wasn't anywhere so I thought that he had DF me so I left a message with his brother who I am also friends with. Turns out he didn't DF me he just left Facebook. I like to think he left because he could bear seeing me all of the time though ;)