NIC CAGE as everyone

it was utter delight & surprise to stumble across the genius going on over at nic cage as everyone--

such a simple idea. yet it brings such joy to everyone....

like nic efron:

nic swan:

nic as "friends":

nickilla ice: (WORD. to your mother.)

nic schrute:

nic hurley:


nic mayer: (just for you, tiburon)

nic bueller:

nic draper:

& nic as "baby":


Suzanne said...

Might be one of your coolest posts ever! I can't wait to share that site! ha!

tiburon said...

BRILLIANT site. Not a fan of Nic Mayer though. He kind of made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Vanessa said...

Why does Nickilla Ice's head look so FREAKISHLY big? It kinda scares me.

Martha H. said...! That is one of the funniest things I 've seen in a long time and I don't even like Nick Cage.

Kami said...

Nic Shrute is my favorite.

Ida said...

ha I don't think Tib likes Nic Mayer. Some of those are scary pics.

Amanda said...

I LOVE Nic Cage. Thus, Love this post. Thanks, Mindi.