you've heard of etsy, right?

"your place to buy and sell all things handmade."

well, it's time to get on board the train called regretsy

"handmade? it looks like you made it with your feet."

this is a "best of the worst" site that has compiled some of the strangest, sickest, & most deliciously twisted REAL CRAFT ITEMS available for sale today.

how can you pass up something like......

Billgoblin - OOAK Windup Sculpture

crocheted BAD ROMANCE lady gaga doll

(amazing likeness! dontcha think?)

"a set of spares" antique false choppers necklace

'twilight' edward loves bella figure set

"Fun Edward Cullen and Bella Swan figures. Artistically replicated from 'the meadow' scene of the novel Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Edward & Bella are wearing their matching tan sweaters as per the book and Edward's face 'sparkles.' Each figures measures approximately 4 inches tall (Edward is slightly taller due to his hair.) Each figure also come with a cardboard cutout of a meadow scene that the figure can be set upon if desired."

paul's pinecone jewelry stand

cutesy carebears leg/arm warmers

custom made magical spinners

"Imagine a picture of your best friend slowing spinning in reflective light, suspended in mid air, catching your eye now and then. Sound spooky? NO! These are magical spinners-a better way to display your favorite photos without cluttering up your tabletops and walls.

I make special ones with themes of the ocean, nature, spiritually inspired and ones with messages I need to see. Such as "BREATHE"!! Occasionally I am asked to make a custom piece and here is one example. How can you get one? Pick out your favorite pictures and I will create a beautiful one of a kind spinner. I made them out of CDs and add mirrors, beads and other objects. They hang from the ceiling and can be 2 feet to 5 feet long. I would need you to email two pictures with good resolution and 3 color choices. These are too precious to rush, so there would be a 2 week turnaround from the time I receive the photos."

oh, MY.

what could be even more precious, however, is how the regretsy team supposed this all goes down:

Magic Spinner Production Schedule


TUESDAY: Play CD; decide if want to keep
THURSDAY: Organize mirrors
FRIDAY: Organize beads
SATURDAY: Organize other objects
SUNDAY: 6:30 showing of “Did You Hear About the Morgans”


MONDAY: Brainstorm
TUESDAY: Find fishing line and scissors
WEDNESDAY: Attach mirrors
THURSDAY: Attach beads
FRIDAY: Attach other objects
SATURDAY: Post office

i would also highly recommend clicking HERE to see the 'sold items' that found a special home on regretsy. there are some pretty priceless matches. made in heaven.

you can also officially become a fan on facebook HERE (i did.)


Wym said...

Now I know where my Bob Marley earrings/ necklace combo went.

Tiffany said...

I guess there has to be some balance in the universe, some way to keep the super crafters from taking over completely.

tiburon said...

That might be the greatest site ever.

And Billgoblin looks a lot like Conan O'Brien.

kado! said...

oh my...I had the exact same thought as Tib...that head thingy looks like Conan!

man...those are bad! ...and where exactly would you wear those leg-warmers?! ...and the green toe-nail polish with her hot-pink heels??!! ...really pulls the picture together!

heidi said...

no one listened to nancy reagan. everyone is on drugs. this proves it.
my fave are the bob marley earrings and matching boob stretch marks. so you know what your ears will look like after you wear these little treasures.

tammy said...

I am surprised my MIL doesn't already have one of those pine cone jewelry hangers. She's like that.