{note to reader: since i sold my soul to the devil with the confession booth, i thought i would try to redeem myself with one warm & fuzzy post each day. read on to support a very worthy cause--}

seeing the terrible devastation down in haiti has been heartbreaking.

it's especially been close to our hearts because we have a few faces we see 'round these parts who were living there less than a month ago:

meet mac & marleigh. their home was the foyer de sion orphanage.

here they are with their dad, kasey, their sister, paige, their brother, isaac, and their mother, karen when they arrived home early christmas morning, december 25th 2009:

if you are anything like me, you would like to do something to help with the aid & relief. but you don't know what or how--

thankfully there are people like kasey and karen who are making it easy to contribute--they are loading up a large storage container with items needed and sending it down.

if you live in the st. george area, here is your chance to help a bit and make a difference. drop off any of the following items to the front porch of 2341 s. 1880 e. anytime during the following weeks:

gauze bandages
topical antibiotics
oral antibiotics (penicillin, etc.)
crackers, granola bars, energy bars
empty water bottles--plastic or reusable

if you would like to donate money, or have any questions, please email karen at

all the items will be donated to the foyer de sion & ruuska village orphanages. we can vouch for the goodness of this family--they have worked hard for many months to help haiti before the quake even hit. their hearts are invested.

do your small part. we have the ability to change lives and determine fate!


Tiffany said...

What beautiful kids and what a neat family. Thanks for sharing this!

Joellen said...

just met these babies for the first time and had to hold back tears. They are so loving and beautiful. JH is thinking that we are going to take the next flight down and pick up our own M&M.

Loni said...

FYI: If you aren't in the St. George area you can also text the word HAITI to 90999 on your cell phone and it will make a donation of $10 to the Red Cross (billed with your next phone bill) OR through