buckle up

i was totally touched by this little psa that my s.i.l., alison, posted--

for many years i was a naughty, non-seat belt wearer. i don't know why, exactly, but it could have been my perceived problem with authority (seriously?) and anybody telling me what to do. possibly the two lamest excuses ever.

we bought a miniature van back in 2004, and for some strange reason i started buckling up the first time i ever drove it.

i think it had something to do with the fact that my coolness factor went down into the negatives once i got behind that bad boy--i used to joke that a little piece of my soul died with every mile i drove. (i jest.) nobody was gonna be checking out THIS action whilst navigating a small bus, never-you-mind the fact that they actually hadn't BEFORE the miniature van purchase.

but, whatever the reason, i went from NEVER buckling up to ALWAYS buckling up. in one fail swoop. and i'm a believer!

now i just have to work on my kids a little bit harder--so, this is for my girlies. pay attention!~


tiburon said...

Uhhhh I beg to differ on the minivan thing. There is nothing cooler.


Miss Anne said...

buckling up is the NEW cool.
click it or ticket!


Melissa said...

Mindi! I laughed when I read your post! I just got my first minivan this week and IT WAS HARD. I was so disturbed by the whole "crossing over into nerdhood" I posted about it. Please come by and share in my misery....

p.s. So glad your b-day rocked! Looking forward to my 40th next year!

Kami said...

Wow that is powerful. I want Avery to see it.

Becky, yep said...

Haven't been to blog mindi - 'blindi?' (nope, I'll try again) in a while and I have to say that post has me addicted all over again! I love that ad! thanks 'mog' (nope! damn it!)