here kittykittykitty

i received so many, MANY wonderful and unique gifts for my birthday. (which, YES, i am still milking out. almost over.) each one was thoughtful and unique and well-loved.

but i received one the other day that made me actually squeal when i opened it. from HERS. and i fell hard. & FAST--

it's an official kit-cat clock. & i would like you to behold 9 seconds of it's awesomeness:

and for the record? yes, i realize that i am only about 2 inches away from falling off the cliff into crazy-cat-lady abyss.

or have i already taken the plunge? hmmmmmmmm......

{adam? she was right. i'm in LOVE.}


tiburon said...

I am soooo glad you like it. For reals.

When I saw it - I knew it must be yours. It screamed Mindi!

Happy Birthday my love :)

gina bina said...

I'm so thankful you have taken your crazy cat lady-ness to this level.

alex dumas said...

If only I had know it could be that easy to win your love.

Adam said...

Don't understand it - but cool! ;)

Adam said...

BTW - where did you hang it?

(if i had to hang it in my house, it would probably go in the garage by Tib's van...)

Mindi said...


i hung it in my laundry room right across from where i do all my computering and blogging.

as i type, i can hear the little tail going back and forth. as well as those eyes. FREAKING AWESOME.