art lesson.

70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

i watched this coolest of cool music video 5 times in a row--and the only conclusions i came to were:

a. i am terribly uneducated in the classic and modern art movement. so pathetic! i think my knowlege is strictly limited to the art museum scene from ferris bueller's day off & what little i got from the thomas crown affair. ( which may or may not be due to the fact that i was terribly distracted by the gloriousness of pierce brosnan.)

secondly: that's it.

the boys behind this genius is the band hold your horses

since i recognized only about 1/2 of the paintings, i did a search and found this post by flavorwire extremely informative.

they were ever so helpful, and showed some of the screenshots of the paintings recreated in the video, along with the originals:

sandro botticelli, the birth of venus:

the creation of adam, from michelangelo’s sistine chapel:

caravaggio, the beheading of saint john the baptist:

rembrandt, the anatomy lesson of dr. nicolaes tulp:

diego velázquez, las meninas:

johannes vermeer, girl with a pearl earring:

jacques-louis david, death of marat:

théodore géricault, the raft of the medusa:

eugène delacroix, liberty leading the people:

edouard manet, olympia: (yeah, i know--the re-creation is QUITE SPECTACULAR!)

vincent van gogh, sunflower series:

gustav klimt, the kiss:

joseph chagall, la mariée:

i thought that they made only one crucial error. & that was omitting this classic gem:


tiburon said...

Dude. I go away for one week and you get all cultured on me?

Now I want to be cultured!!

gina bina said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOVED that video and the art lesson! I think I knew all but two.

Monica said...

If your art knowledge is based on movies, you missed the Chagall reference. That is the painting in Knotting Hill that Julie Roberts gives to Hugh Grant.

Tiffany said...

Brilliant. You find the best stuff.

jennie w. said...

You should have called me. I majored in Art History in college.

alex dumas said...

Most of them just look like an excuse for the band to get naked.