hb megan!

my baby sister is 30 years old today!

she is wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing, sexy, sassy, smart, clean, virtuous, benevolent, of good report, praise-worthy, thrifty, loving, & supercalifragilishegespialidocious!!!!!!

since megan is in love with my catties (translation: LOATHES them) i thought she would be especially pleased to know that, while storing her birthday flowers from neal at our house today, dave wanted to be near her and give her a big birthday wish:

i love you megan! hb~


{Annie N.} said...

HB Girl! I hope Dave left you some nice cat hairs in your bouquet. :) Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you. It was fun. Hope you had another special day. :)

Kami said...

Happy Birthday Megan! The Big 30! Did you ever score for a kid sister or what?! I wish I had a resident baker in the family. Please let her know I think she's awesome!

Megal said...

Thanks Dave...& Mindi too! Love you. I had a great birthday so thank you!

Loni said...

Megan is my favorite youngEST sister EVER! I had to come to the Fredonia City Library to make sure I could wish you a happy birthday...so you know it's true!

tiburon said...

Happy Birthday Megal!!

I hope you had a super day :)