even before i became the feline-lover that you know & semi-tolerate today, i totally enjoyed stuff on my cat-- "STUFF + CATS = AWESOME"

it brings me a sick, twisted sense of well-being to witness that there are other delusional cat owners out there that like to "theme dress" (yes, i know.) their cats.

some spectacular examples--

d bag cat:

porn star cat:

coffee-table cat:

nkotb fan club president cat: (just for you, vanessa!)

gender-confused cat:

"working girl" cat:

drunk bum cat:

bi-polar cat:

founder, president, AND client of hair club for men cat:

have a great weekend!


Vanessa said...

People are really going to think you are bat sh#$ crazy after this post. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't all cats love NKOTB? I think my Oreo prefers Jordan's brother Jonathan. But that's because I have brainwashed him.

Somebody made it rain on "working girl" cat.

tiburon said...

that kitty toupe might be the greatest thing ever.

Leca said...

I hate cats but that was priceless. I might be turning towards the dark side after that.

Omgirl said...

Every time you do a cat post I want to kiss you. I'm so freaking sick of seeing dog posts or cat-hater posts. Cats rule!!!