mindi wants

tiburon sent me this via email today--

somehow i'm not quite sure how i've lived up 'til this point without the genius that is going on over at kimberlily--

"Kimberlily wants to take the stress out of the way you dress. If you desire to wear the lowest of the low rise jeans, have no fear -- we've got you covered when you're wearing a Backtacular gluteal cleft patch by Kimberlily."

yes, you read that right. and i'm hoping that you all use BACKTACULAR GLUTEAL CLEFT PATCH in at least 2 sentences today.

(it will be worth it!)

went to the online store and i think i'm going to go with the chandeliers:

i think they say, "tasteful. subtle. refined."


Vanessa said...

Holy sh**.

tiburon said...

Greatest invention ever.

I am buying some - for me and my girls.

Crack is whack.

Kami said...


heidi said...

i am almost at a loss for words, except for the fact that last week's story time at the library is still FRESH in my mind. fresh in that i really could have used a couple of these to put over my own eyes thanks to the large and in charge lime green thong staring me down during "catch the pickle". that book will never be the same.

alex dumas said...

LOL Heidi! I would love to have some of those on hand to dole out when needed.

Omgirl said...

I need to get some of those for Daphne. Her crack is ALWAYS hanging out. Do they come in child sizes???