help stevie b

hey--i want you to forget about every worthy charity that you've ever donated or even CONSIDERED donating to.

i've got a new worthy cause that will surely pull at your heartstrings.....and cause you to open your wallets:

did you know that stephen baldwin of the famous 'baldwin brothers' hollywood clan (think poor man's alec baldwin) became a born again christian in 2002? i kid you not~

apparently stevie became very vocal about his new-found religion, and decided to preach the gospel. which THEN, apparently, caused him the loss of many jobs. which THEN, allegedly, resulted in a highly publicized bankruptcy. (i know! i can hardly believe it, either.)

so......join with me, will you, in supporting the restoration of stephen baldwin~

this privately funded & managed website's vision is to see Sir Steven publicly restored. in front of millions. which will THEN allow him to reach even more people with the gospel and God will get all of the glory......

so, if the people of God come together and each give a small “token gift” we can then see a massive restoration of a christian public figure and all the glory will go to God.


they even have a pay pal account set up for your convenience.

i just donated $1,000.00.

that's how much i want to see stephen baldwin restored.

can you find it in your heart to do the same?

(especially after you see his photo that will be in next month's issue of cosmopolitan uk magazine:)


Brittany said...

i could use some restoration... i'm just saying. ;)

gina bina said...

what the...

Loni said...

I think President Obama pledged to double whatever Stephen Baldwin can raise (He'll PRINT the money, if he has to!)

Judi said...

I used to like him...alot....until he started looking like Alec's double!


I just saw your blog on my cousins (Jed and Annie Lyon) 'friends list' and clicked on it... (yes I get bored while my husband's at work) But I want to let you know that you are hilarious and kept me entertained for the past 15 minutes. Thanks :) I enjoyed reading.

veronica said...

Does it really say "Mama" under his left boob? That's just gross!