lessons learned from confession booth:SEIS

confession booth: SIETE was a little slow out of the gate. but once it warmed up, it WARMED. UP.

i sifted through the 606 comments and put together a short list of lessons learned from confession booth SIETE--

1. somebody's cat is reading their diary.

2. you can buy one helluva resume/college transcripts package on the internet. & then land a big $$ job.

3. mindi's husband is hot. AND he smells nice. (but i already knew this!)

4. note to self: do not use the words "your hawt", "I'd do you", "let's make out", hubs or dh on this blog....or the word lurve.

5. i have quite a bright future as a catholic priest.

6. from now on, i shall refer to all redheads as "GINGERBREAD".

7. peeing in the shower IS good for you:

"No, seriously, peeing in the shower is really good. It ... it fights, um, um, athlete's foot. I'm serious, no, urine is like, is like ... is like an antiseptic. It's all got to do with the enzymes in your body." ~Madonna

8. religion & politics: still a hotbed of controversy.

9. peeples poor eenglish on facebook and blogging dreyeves peepl knuts! it makes them two crazie. they would lurv too comment and correct sum peeples status updaytes, butt them don't.

10. there is a woman named shirley who traps unsuspecting people in a crowded elevator whilst displaying socially unacceptable behavior. & she is NOT related to a ghana gobbledong in the movie industry.

11. always have your grandma take public transportation if possible.

12. kissing cousins: there's more of us than you think.....

13. the CB can restore your self esteem one post at a time.

i thought it important to post one of the comments from the booth--i think it could be helpful to many:

Dear Mindi

I thought you might like to know that I got inspired by the confession booth and one of the comments on there.

Someone mentioned that there should be an anonymous sex blog that would answer questions of a more delicate nature.
Why not?

I am not super techno savvy but after some help from a few people that did the layout and header, the blog has been started and it is located HERE

We are not quite open for business but we are looking for people that might be interested in joining our advice panel. So please head over and send us an email.

You will remain anonymous as a contributor. Nobody (except for the moderator) will ever know who you are. We are looking for men and women. Single and married. Straight and not-so-straight. Experienced and inexperienced.

The format will run a little like this: Someone will submit their question to the anonymous moderator and that moderator will email the questions out to the panel members. They will send their responses back and then all responses will be compiled to answer the question and everything will be posted. So the question will be the post title and the post itself will be the compiled answers.

Anonymous. Informative. Entertaining.

Thanks for the idea!

Mindi, the confession booth really might be changing lives!

well...............who woulda thunk it? confession IS good for the soul!

next confessional? september 2010....


Omgirl said...

Thanks, Mind. It was a fun ride!

Vanessa said...

September will be perfect for me to confess all my summertime indiscretions.

tiburon said...

It's gonna be a FUN SUMMER!!

tiburon said...

Oh and Happy Monday to you...


Heidi said...

September is OVER, Mindi. *hint, hint* ;)