well, they're NO FRIENDS OF MINE

i've had this poster on my blog sidebar for quite a while--and i love it.

so it shouldn't be any surprise that i loved it as well on glee:

i love the dance they do to this, and since i have two left feet when it comes to choreography, i want megan, jody, & kristin to learn it. and then perform it for me nightly.

while someone fans me with a palm leaf and feeds me frozen grapes.


Sunny said...

Isn’t the bulk of that dance taken from the Thriller dance? I’ll leave it to your web skillz to adequately compare the two and report back.

Malea said...

ahhh, I just loved this part. Watched it a plethora of times the day hulu said I could.

Mindi- I love your blog. Your posts make me laugh. You say whatever I already may think, better. But the post that intrigued me the most is $20 concert trick. I must know more as my wingmom's and I would like to try it out before the year's end. Ayuda me, Obi Wan, tu eres mi Ășnica esperanza..(homage to your love of 80's and 5 de mayo post)

Vanessa said...

Don't let him fool you, but Elton can do this exact choreography to this being his very favorite song.

tiburon said...

Oh of my favorite songs on the show so far!