i {heart} les grossman

i must admit that i knew who les grosman was loooooong before the mtv movie awards aired the other night--seeing him as the ludacris-lovin', badass movie studio head honcho with a mouth that would shock a sailor and a ginormous pair of sausage-hands was my all-time, number #1 favorite scene--nay, MOVIE--stealer role in tropic thunder.

it was THAT good.

mtv movie awards was savvy enough to hire old les here to produce the awards show, but to also dominate, & beat it into a bloody-pulp of submission.

who woulda thunk that tom cruise's best role he's played in the past 10 years would fall on this guy's hairy shoulders? (beware: he says naughty words. and raises his voice. small children and tiny furry animals who frighten easily should exit the room.)

but...... are you ready for THIS JELLY?

j to the lo and les to the g kickin' it, OLD SCHOOL:

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at MTV.com!

all i can say is: well played, mtv.



Vanessa said...

She just had twins? I need her plastic surgeons number.

Elton is in love with Aziz Anzari. He is pretty funny!

tiburon said...

As much as I hate to say it - I love Les.

I hear they are making a movie...