i am always a little embarrassed to admit that i really like m&m's--i think it's because i've always considered them to be such an "old person" candy. (much like an idaho spud or a baby ruth.)

but, somehow i discovered my love for them late in life, and i fully embrace my geriatric side when i eat them.

so i heart my m&m's--you can personalize your own m&m's and order them for gifts or just for fun.

you may choose some names that are near & dear to your heart:

or, perhaps a phrase or important quote that has impacted or changed the world:


tiburon said...

I just had a gross made.
They say EAT ME.

Leca said...

I am an M&M fan myself. You really gotta try the new prezel ones. They are sweet and salty and super good.