the prom date

as a parent who's eldest child is nearing sixteen, (in 30 hours! yikes.) this mini-movie commercial made me giggle. then cringe. then giggle some more. & then take notes.

plus: jason bateman AND will arnett?


{their new production company is called DumbDumb productions. LOVE that name.}


R-Eight said...

HAHA! Awesome!

My25Cents said...

Genius! Where do you find this stuff? My kidd-o is only eight and I'm already freaking out.

AHHHHHH! Excuse me, had to get it out.

Jod Jas Curtis said...

Seriously-- does it get any better than those 2 guys?! AWESOME :) I heard they are making "Arrested Development" Movie-- pretty sure I'll be there opening night!