fireworks shopping tips for your inner-redneck

rhett & link always crack me up--the "fireworks shopping" gem above especially spoke to me as i married a man who, when 16 years of age, blew 400 dollars on semi-illegal fireworks.

no, you didn't read that wrong. yes, it said FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS.

russ told me that it was an investment in his happiness.

the best part of the story? he bought them from his great uncle newell, who was a door-to-door fuller brush salesman & aspiring fireworks mogul.

i hope that you all have a wonderful (and safe!) 4th of july and that you are proud to be an american. (where at least you know you're free. and you WON'T forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.)

every july 4th, i love to post the freelance fireworks hall of fame video in honor of russ:

enjoy your weekend!


Missy said...

White Trashville loves Fireworks! LOL Have a wonderful weekend!

Untypically Jia said...

Pst! I gave you a Versatile Award over at my blog!