i wish somebody (translation: kami) would make me a few of these festive 4th of july patriotic paper lollies:

i've been obsessing over the cuteness factor they carry--i love ANY table decor involving candy!

unfortunately, mindi has accepted the sad fact that she's way too old and way too worn out to do anything remotely creative like this anymore--this sort of fantasticness is reserved strictly for the young, ambitious, & crafting-competent.

i just wish i could buy it at walmart.

while wearing stretchy pants.


kami @ no biggie said...

They are yours! Now if only I could get them down to you in time for the big weekend.

Sher said...

That's entirely too crafty for me.
But I wouldn't have any problems hiring someone to make them for me, and then claiming them as my own.

tammy said...

amen sister.