things that i LOVE about this video:

1. brandon flowers--that little feller right there is a gosh-darn bonafied ROCK STAR! he can work a jacket with ostrich feathers as shoulder pads like none other.

we loved him with the killers. we will love him on his own. plus, the dude is a practicing mormon. way cool.

( think this might be an L.D.S. urban legend? much like kenny rogers paying tithing or lionel richie converting after 2 missionary lessons?

oh, ye of little faith: see here. or here, here, here, & here.

p.s. my friend actually had visual confirmation of rick schroder, sitting in sacrament meeting in arizona. no lie.)

2. i absolutely adored the concept for this video--so, SO great. hello, charlize theron as a ninja-killing, explosives-wielding, bad as$ heroine?

yes, please.

i think she's never looked better than she does in a dirty wife-beater & samurai sword.

3. the footage from 1:05 to 1:28.

could be my favorite moment, ever, on a music video.

hope your weekend is off the hook!


gina bina said...

OK. Thank you for this song. It just made my night. And can we substantiate the Mormon thing? Cause that was news to me.

Mindi said...

gina--i just added the links confirming official lds status.

i would never have believed it had i not seen an interview he did last year on you tube--but i couldn't find it.

ern said...

haha...sounds so fake but i am serious when i say my brother & i saw mr. rick himself at gen. conf. a few years ago. he was on the main floor (of the "supernacle") in the VIP seats. people may not believe me but i will always know.

kami @ no biggie said...

Love that song.

Allison said...

Ricky was in Anna and Rob's ward in Scottsdale. Rob was his son's sunday school teacher. Just to confirm your info on Mr. Schroder.

Suzie said...

I do like the Killers so yeah, totally looking forward to hearing this.

I've spent an hour catching up on all your posts in the last few weeks.
You are amazing & I love you!
Hope you are doing well!

Tori said...

I went to one of their first concerts in Utah and there were a lot of little kids and old people there and what do you was his grandparents and cousins?? They were all pleasant and MORMON! ha ha! From then on I had high hopes to marry Brandon in the temple, but I settled for my husband...jk! Sure do love Mr. Brandon...:)

gina bina said...

I hope you didn't post those links just for me....cause Mindi YOU KNOW that I believe every word you write on here. You are the rock and roll goddess and if anyone were to know these would be you.
Can you even handle that we're seeing Keane next weekend? I can't. Legit.

alex dumas said...

That is my new favorite video. Thank you.