have mercy!

my goodness. is it hot in here?

or is it hot? in herrrrrree?

(LOVE this indie cover of nelly's classic--you should watch if only to see the polar bear's sweet dance moves during the last 20 seconds. priceless.)

i couldn't tell if it's because i'm going through early meno (say it isn't so. me & my ovaries are MUCH too young!) or if it's because i'm still a bit of a pedo when it comes to all things zac efron:

you'd best check out the SLIDE SHOW--

(you can thank me later.)


Stace said...

ooooh mindi...you sure do know how to perk a girl up in the am. many thanks for this wonderful gift :) i now have a new desktop wallpaper for many more perks to come.

alex dumas said...

Thank.you. Although I hoped that he did not have his arms above his head in every picture. And I was not disappointed.

tiburon said...

You are a dirty dirty girl.