i wouldn't want to offend or unnerve, but i would think it is safe to say that jc penny wouldn't generally be holding the "cool card". (we used to tease our bestie about calling it "penny's". that's some genuine old school southern-yewwwwtaaahhh right there, folks!)

but methinks i should rethinks that after seeing this breakfast-club themed back-to-school ad:

(sorry, a bit blurry. it's the best i could find.)

then, their stock rose even a bit higher after seeing this one:

i never woulda guessed they had it in them.

btw: i can't find the payless shoes commercial that i wanted to post-- the coolest part about it was the fact that they played THIS totally radical cover of "everybody wants to rule the world" as the background soundtrack. which just so happens to be one of my very favorite 80's songs......{sigh.}

i was in love with the fact that the group covering the song was named care bears on fire

these little ladies-- izzy, jena, & sophie--formed the group when they were but wee-lasses in the 5th (!) grade.

they went through a bunch of names for the band, but finally settled on care bears on fire because they liked the idea of mixing something sweet with something edgy.

love that girl power.


Vanessa said...

I call it Penney's. I got my hooch wear there. They are sort of hip. And they cater to the old ladies too.

heidi said...

so, where's the part in the commercial where they all cry and then get high?

tiburon said...

Two things.

1. I love seeing a commercial that is clearly aimed at the parents. Nice to see the tables turned a bit - using the advertising towards the parents to get to the kids.

2. Do they really expect us to believe that room 6A and 17A are right next door to each other? Do they think we don't understand basic room numbering?

Loni said...

I dropped a cool $100+ at JCP already this year...but as you well know, I am NOT a fashion diva. But it *is* pretty hip and cool to be a penny pincher, and they do have pretty cute stuff :)