these two fine young strapping lads were smack-dab in the middle of an event that i would have given my eyeteeth to participate in: the wasatch county fair demolition derby.

michael & nick just shot WAY up there on my coolness scale--

reason number one would be these fetching outfits:


reason number two is the fact that they are the younger siblings of our favorite gingerbread boy:


the hanks brothers and their friends dress up every year for this momentous occasion. and they go ALL out:

Picnik collage

the tattoos were some of my favorite accessories--if my girls were able to pick their favorite, it would TOTALLY have to be this one:


rumor has it that not only costumes were involved, but accents and "cover stories" as well:

Picnik collage

who doesn't love a bit of beef AND a bit of beef jerky?

Picnik collage

hat, t-shirt, flannel shirt, toothpick & markers: $18.00

entrance for one into the wasatch county demo derby: $9.00

camera shot complete with crowd, cars, & smoke in the background:




Sunny said...

Favorite part:

The girl in the jerky snapshot ain’t kiddin about those cutoffs and that tattoo.

Joellen said...

The sad/good thing is they look legit!