Picnik collage

i was all about these movie-inspired engagement shots--

some of the images are a bit blurry, but it didn't stop me from day-dreaming as i looked through all of them. such great ideas! & not a single one of the "line" in front of the basketball hoop in the cultural hall. (FROWNY FACE.)

inspired by UP:

Picnik collage

inpired by the notebook:


Picnik collage

inspired by atonement:


Picnik collage

inspired by alice in wonderland:


Picnik collage

inspired by breakfast at tiffany's:

Picnik collage

Picnik collage


Suzie said...

I like Alice the best.

Vanessa said...

If I were to pick my fave, it would be The Notebook. But I would like to reenact the scene from the abandoned house by the piano. Maybe I could do some 15 year anniversary photo shoots. Elton would be totally up for that.

Stace said...

totally dig these! it almost makes me glad i'm not married so i can use these as engagement inspiration :)

tiburon said...

Those are so fun!

tammy said...

I totally want to redo my whole wedding.