we're gonna rock down to: ELECTRIC AVENUE

how clever are these google maps directions using song lyrics?

can you name all of the songs?


alex dumas said...

No, they're too hard. That person is way too clever. I feel the same way when I play certain board games.

tiburon said...

Those are so cool! I love Google fun :)

tiburon said...

Oh and yes, I can name every freaking song. Cause that is how I roll...

1. Where the Streets Have No Name - U2.
2. Party in the USA - Slutty Cyrus.
3.Hotel California - The Iggles.
4. Movin' on Up - Theme song to the Jefferson's
5. Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight and the Pimps.
6. Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

Omgirl said...

Somehow I got Electric Avenue on my iPod. My kids love it!. They say, Mom, play the electricty song! Your title reminded me of that.