thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

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**our aunt megan.

who manages to make 5 hours of school shopping with an (allegedly!) hormonal teenage female seem like a pleasure. AND finds all the great deals. (1 buck for a stripey vest? yes, please!)

and for the record? it WAS a pleasure.

**the sweet countdown clock that tammy turned me on to....

(it's not too early, right?)

**creative advertising that makes me want to write television commercials

**random acts of "kindness" at your local walmart.


Loni said...

Ummm...I especially like that the Walmart video includes the Trojan commercial free of charge. Or was that a commercial that included a video at the beginning?

tammy said...

I didn't get the Trojan commercial. I feel cheated.

I'm starting to panic about Christmas. I bought my first present last week.