thankful thursday

things i am thankful for this week:

**married to the sea--

the comic above is titled "hoarder decision process". classic.


**this classic old-school st. george postcard that i saw on jordan ferney's fb wall. i heart it. MUCHO.

**that i get to be HERE with hers , hers, & and jentix in less than 48 hours! (it's been almost 3 weeks--an ETERNITY.)

hopefully we'll be scalping cheap tickets to THIS. but most likely we'll be seeing THIS. (win/win.)

**a preview for a movie that i KNOW will most likely be stupid--but it will still make me laugh out loud.


Vanessa said...

Hooters. Hooters. HOOTERS.

We better get some seats. I'm hoping for the 20 and under rule.

alex dumas said...

I think that I will also be able to appreciate the vampire movie. Very much.

tiburon said...

I cannot freaking wait.


Judi said...

Mindy~I am SO thankful that you find such awesome things to turn me on to!
I will so be at that movie.......on opening night!! (wink wink)