there's only music now.

i'm seeing john mayer tonight here with hers & hers & hers & a few other very important persons who don't blog. (gasp!) should be good times.

i almost HAVE TO see john mayer., strictly on principal alone. because any man who feels comforatable dressing like doc dr. adam bricker from The Love Boat is most certainly gonna get my concert-going dollars:

i admit: before befriending hers, i never had much use for mayer. but she convinced me to see him in concert, and it changed my mind completely about him.

for the record? i think he can be a bit of a tool/d-bag/attention whore. unfortunately, these are the some of the exact reasons why i dig him.

sick and twisted? yes. there's no way to sugar-coat that one. but i'll own it.

i hope he'll play this song. it's my fav:

and, holy MOLY, the best acoustic version of said song that i swiped from tib:

down load it for f-r-e-e HERE

out 'til thursday.


Vanessa said...

If he doesn't wear that Love Boat outfit, I will want a refund.

Parkin Family said...

Thank you for the tunes! D- Bag yes but I think that is how he finds those tunes!

tammy said...

My sister's friend was at the Apple store yesterday and Mayer was there buying a crapload of stuff. She said he was standing so close she could feel his breath on her neck. Can you imagine if that would've been The Shark??

Holly H. said...

I SAW YOU AND TIB TONIGHT!!! Most awesome concert and I have video of you crazy girls!! So miss blogging... what am I thinking?! Love that you're still in it to win it. :) xoxo. I would say that I'm going to kidnap you while you're in this neck of the woods, but I'm headed to Powell bright and early in the morn. Next time FO SHO!!

Vanessa said...

Did Holly see us on the big screen? We were sort of attention whores last night.

tiburon said...

It was the bestest night ever.

I only wish he had worn the Borat banana hammock.