you are beautiful

you are beautiful
is such a cool project.

it has one simple aim: cut through all of the advertising b.s. and spread one simple but profound three-word message.

they do this by supplying free stickers ( order or print your own HERE ) and supporting wicked cool public installations that spread the good word:

check out their blog for more great stuff.

it does my heart good to know that there are people out there who are still working every single day to make a difference. i want to support that.

i'm a mother of 4 girls who struggles daily with her self-esteem, weight, beauty, pressures from hollywood, etc.

i fully admit that i can be as susceptible to the b.s. as anyone. but i wish i wasn't.

i want better for my little ladies--i want them to know that they are beautiful, inside and out.

i've posted this before, but i think it's one of the most powerful messages for girls, young & old:

i ordered some of the free stickers today. it's not much, but it will do.

(it's a bit fuzzy--sorry.)


tammy said...

Love this.

And, you are beautiful.