so, i know that as a 40-year old woman, i should want NOTHING to do with eminem.

he's all sorts of wrong. i GET that. but why is it that i still dig him?

things i loved about this opening performance of the 2010 vma awards:

a. the venue is seriously SICK. if nothing else, you should watch just to see what lots of money will buy in your entertainment options.

b. totally in love with the fact that the orchestra and drummers were all wearing hoodies. GENIUS.

c. speaking of drummers, i am a SUCKER for a huge drumming section. i loved how they added them into the performance. they were my favorite part.

(yes, YOU should get on board, woman.)


Sherilyn -The Dominee Huisvrouw said...

I can't watch the video as I'm in Canada, but could you let me know what it was so I can look it up on YouTube?

Vanessa said...

I love him. I don't know why Tib won't get on board.

I watched that over and over on my DVR. Vivi can sing Rhianna's whole part. Bad mom.

"I guess that's why they call it window pane."

Sunny said...

He’s a genius.

gina bina said...

You and me both my friend. It's so wrong, on so many levels. Don't tell BD.

MotherBeck said...

LOVE Eminem....don't tell my husband :) That was awesome.