vote 4 amy

i love this girl.

amy happens to be one of my oldest friends. (oh! the stories we could tell...)

she also happens to be one of the six finalists in studio 5's new contributor search~

which also just happens to be a pretty big deal:

amy KNOWS how to throw a party. if you need confirmation, just check out THIS.

as well as THIS, THIS, & THIS.

vote for our party queen HERE. please!

you go! NOW~

BONUS: post this on your blog, facebook, or twitter/tweeter/tattle between now and september 24th, and you will be eligible to win a $25 pottery barn gift certificate!


just leave a comment on this post with your link or info. thanks!


Tiffany said...

Amy is a doll. She has my vote for sure!

tiburon said...

Done. I have voted about 20 times. And did a blog post.

But not for the gift card. Because I did it before I knew about the gift card.

But if I did win it would totally go in my auction.

Just saying.